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On Hold And Endless Online Opportunities

On Hold and Endless Online Opportunities

On Hold and Endless Online Opportunities Did you know an AyerPlay on hold message is the perfect vehicle to drive callers to visit both your website and also follow your company on social media? This greatly expands the reach of your on hold message. Callers can be encouraged to utilize all the features of your website, such as watching a video, booking an appointment or reading in depth information on your various products and services.  You can also use your on hold program to introduce callers to the key personnel in your company and then encourage them to go to your…

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On Hold Music Optometrist

Eye Care On Hold

At AyerPlay, we take pride in providing Eye Care on hold message programs to hundreds of clients nationwide. Our Eye Care clients feel on hold messages are vital to informing and educating their callers.
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Phone On Hold Music

2018 Holiday On Hold Program!

Tis the season and here at AyerPlay that means introducing our newest Holiday On Hold Messages! Designed to play year after year from Thanksgiving all the way through the New Year, our programs feature your favorite holiday music selections.
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Pros And Cons For VOIP Systems

Pros and Cons to using a VOIP System

Voice over internet phone systems have become very popular very quickly with many businesses, especially large ones. Essentially, this is a phone system that operates through the internet, usually through an online provider. Although there are good points of having a VOIP system, most of which revolve around a slight cut in costs, there are some challenges in switching to the Voice over IP system.
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One's For Easter

One’s For Easter

As Easter nears, we wanted to write a blog about a topic that is relevant to the holiday as well as near and dear to ours and many of our veterinarian's hearts as well.
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