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2018 Holiday On Hold Program!

By apadm December 7, 2018

Spread Seasonal Cheer to your Customers with a Holiday On Hold Program! Tis the season and here at AyerPlay that means introducing our newest Holiday On Hold Messages! Designed to play year after year from Thanksgiving all the way through the New Year, our programs feature your favorite holiday music selections.


Choosing the right music for your on hold program will help make the most of your on hold marketing dollars. That’s music to anybody’s ears!


A Guide to Producing Television Commercials

By apadm June 12, 2018

What makes a great TV commercial? From local news to network television, documentaries, Olympics coverage and beyond, I’ve been producing video for over 30 years. Most recently I’ve focused my attention on television commercials. At AyerPlay, we offer full service video production for both broadcast and digital. My personal favorite is writing and producing a television commercial. People often ask what constitutes a great commercial, and over the years I’ve posed this question to a number of viewers and focus groups. Some might say humor plays a big role, others mention a memorable tag line. A credible and popular spokesperson can certainly separate a company from the rest of the pack. Think Nationwide Insurance and Peyton Manning, Aveeno skin lotion and Jennifer Anniston.


In an age of instantaneous communications, a phone and on hold message program are still important tools for your business.


Pros and Cons to using a VOIP System

By apadm May 15, 2018

Voice over internet phone systems have become very popular very quickly with many businesses, especially large ones. Essentially, this is a phone system that operates through the internet, usually through an online provider.

Although there are good points of having a VOIP system, most of which revolve around a slight cut in costs, there are some challenges in switching to the Voice over IP system.


One’s For Easter

By apadm March 26, 2018

As Easter nears, we wanted to write a blog about a topic that is relevant to the holiday as well as near and dear to ours and many of our veterinarian’s hearts as well.


Right in the Middle

By apadm March 13, 2018

AyerPlay is a national company with clients stretching far and wide throughout the United States. We are proudly located right in the center of the country in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Name Swap

By apadm March 1, 2018

When Becky Dixon bought our company in 2013, she knew there were some immediate changes she wanted to make. As the long-time President of our company, Becky felt we needed a fresh new name.


Scoring with your marketing budget.

By apadm January 15, 2018

Even though you may not have a Superbowl sized marketing budget, it’s time to strategize for 2018! A marketing budget typically covers costs for advertising, promotion and public relations. The size of the business can usually help determine how much of its annual sales it spends on marketing. It also depends on the amount of money the competition is spending advertising. Depending on the industry, marketing budgets can range from as low as 1% of sales to over 30%. New companies may spend as much as 50% of sales for introductory marketing programs in the first year. Smaller business may just try to match the spending of their direct competitors.


At AyerPlay, we love providing Veterinary on hold message programs to over 1500 clients nationwide. Our vets feel on hold messages are vital to informing and educating their callers. Let’s face it, most practices sometimes need to put a caller on hold. In fact, a recent survey showed that 57 percent of callers are placed on hold. So the question becomes-how can you add value to their wait time?


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