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marketing and public relations Tulsa, OK

Marketing and Public Relations

At AyerPlay, we pride ourselves in having the capability to meet all your marketing needs. Using our knowledge and technical expertise, we can guide you to a simple, effective marketing strategy designed to get results

We will develop a marketing campaign strategy utilizing innovative solutions in marketing and technology.

Solutions include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media Strategies and Implementation
  • On hold message programs promoting products and services
  • Radio and Television Advertising
  • Public Relations campaigns – capitalizing on Becky Dixon’s 30 year broadcasting career.
  • Develop and execute marketing strategies
  • Monitor and measure effectiveness of marketing strategies and ROI
  • Establish new goals needed based on results to ensure the most effective marketing strategy for your business

AyerPlay can assure that your public relations campaign will reach the right media and the right target audience.

AyerPlay Marketing and Public Relations – Because it’s Your turn to be heard!

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