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A Guide To Producing Television Commercials

What makes a great TV commercial?
From local news to network television, documentaries, Olympics coverage and beyond, I’ve been producing video for over 30 years. Most recently I’ve focused my attention on television commercials.

At AyerPlay, we offer full service video production for both broadcast and digital. My personal favorite is writing and producing a television commercial. People often ask what constitutes a great commercial, and over the years I’ve posed this question to a number of viewers and focus groups. Some might say humor plays a big role, others mention a memorable tag line. A credible and popular spokesperson can certainly separate a company from the rest of the pack. Think Nationwide Insurance and Peyton Manning, Aveeno skin lotion and Jennifer Anniston.

Two types of commercials-a quick sale or long lasting connection.
There are basically two types of television commercials. The goal of one is to make an immediate sale. Special discounts and other enticing offers are used to drive the customer into the store or online to place an order. This type of commercial makes promises designed to bring about immediate action on the part of the consumer. This works best with products and services people use on a daily basis like laundry detergent, technology products or fast food.

The second type of commercial connects to consumers on a more emotional, longer-lasting level. It may be because the spokesperson is very appealing and believable and the consumer will remember them when it’s time to make a purchase. Animals can also be very effective in a commercial and they never have to say a word! Think of the Budweiser Clydesdales and you know what I mean. Another aspect of a commercial that can be a strong pull is a stunning visual. A number of automobile companies effectively use beautiful scenery showing their latest car cruising along the highway. The goal here, of course is for the consumer to picture themselves behind the wheel of this beautiful vehicle driving through the picturesque scenery.

Jingles and tag-lines make a difference!
A jingle and tag line can also cause a consumer to connect to a product and remember that product when it’s time to buy. AyerPlay’s client, A-Best Roofing, has both a catchy jingle and easy-to-remember tag line. “Roof your home the right way, the A-Best way.” The goal here is to encourage homeowners to remember that jingle and tag line combination when they need a new roof.

Funny or sad? Connection is the key!
We all know humor can play a big role in connecting consumers to a product. A great example is this year’s Super Bowl ad featuring Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr. and their “Dirty Dancing” routine. We’ll likely never think of the NFL the same again. Remember, successful television advertising is about the consumer and filling that person’s needs. It might be introducing an audience to a lovable pet or adding a little humor to their lives or maybe it’s even bringing people to tears. Making the connection back to what you’re selling is the key.

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