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On Hold Script

Writing an On Hold Script Made Easy!

On Hold Script Tips! When writing an on hold message script, one of the hardest things is just getting started.  But at AyerPlay, we do all the work for you!  Over the years, we’ve written hundreds of sample messages and have built an extensive catalog of message selections.  Each of these messages can also be customized for your business or practice.  And if we don’t have a sample message that meets your specific needs, we’ll custom write it for you at no extra charge.  All you have to do is provide us with some basic information or point us to…

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On Hold And Endless Online Opportunities

On Hold and Endless Online Opportunities

On Hold and Endless Online Opportunities Did you know an AyerPlay on hold message is the perfect vehicle to drive callers to visit both your website and also follow your company on social media? This greatly expands the reach of your on hold message. Callers can be encouraged to utilize all the features of your website, such as watching a video, booking an appointment or reading in depth information on your various products and services.  You can also use your on hold program to introduce callers to the key personnel in your company and then encourage them to go to your…

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