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Veterinary On Hold

Thank you for choosing AyerPlay! For over 35 years, we have been producing professional on hold message programs for clients across North America, including more than 1,500 veterinary practices. Our extensive experience, in addition to the fact that we DO NOT charge monthly or yearly fees, makes AyerPlay the nation’s leading producer of veterinary on hold messages!

Because we work with so many veterinary practices, we know that “one size fits all” is not effective. Writing is part of our service, so we can fully customize your on hold messages. Let us know what topics you want to promote and we’ll do the rest!

Other benefits of our Veterinary on hold messages:

  • Programs that are six minutes in length with up to 11 message topics so your content isn’t repetitive during those busy times
  • Flexible options to produce a single program to use year-round, or a multi-program package that enables you to change your messages for warm weather and cool weather topics, the holidays, or any special promotions
  • Custom messages written exclusively for you
  • Your choice of professional voice talent and licensed music

If you already have an on hold player, we may be able to work with what you have. We also offer our top-of-the-line AyerPlayer digital player to play your messages. Our players use mp3 technology and should last up to 15 years. If you have a traditional business telephone system, the AyerPlayer will connect into the music-on-hold feature on your “main phone box” where all the lines come into the system. We also can work with VOIP phones and small telephone systems that require an on hold adapter.

Sample Veterinary On Hold Messages

There’s nothing heartwarming about heartworm disease! Transmitted by mosquitoes, these parasitic worms can invade a pet’s heart and lungs and cause severe lung disease and heart failure. The best treatment for heartworms is prevention! (Doctors’ names) strongly recommend that all dogs be tested annually for heartworm, and be given preventive medicine year round as a monthly tablet or topical, or a simple injection every six months. Ask us for details.

Your pet’s annual physical exam is very important! Early detection of health problems, testing for internal parasites and a dental exam go a long way to ensure your dog or cat stays as fit as a fiddle. During your visit, (doctors’ names) can check for potential health problems and answer questions about providing the best care for your pet. So when you get the reminder for your pet’s annual physical, pick up the phone and call us – you’re doing your pet a favor!

To learn more about our pricing and how AyerPlay can promote your practice, call us at (800) 284-1866 or send us an email to

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