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To submit your selections for your new VCA on hold message program, fill in the boxes below, or click here to view the messages in word format (email the completed form to If you need help submitting this form, we’ve listed step by step instructions here, or you can email or call us for help.

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    (1) : Thank you for calling (your name). The number of patients we see daily has greatly increased over the past year. To avoid overcrowding, we ask that no more than (__) people/person accompany your pet into our building except for special circumstances. We are frequently adapting our safety protocols to provide your pets with the best care possible. Our staff will explain our current procedures when we return to your call. We appreciate your patience and understanding!
    Number of people:

    (2) : (Your name) continues to offer curbside check-in for clients who prefer this type of visit. Call us when you arrive, and a staff member will come to your vehicle to assist you and escort your pets inside our building for their appointment. Food and prescription pick-ups will continue to be available with curbside check-in as well.

    (3) : (Your name) has seen significant growth in new patients over the past year, and our doctors and staff are working long hours to keep up with the demand. We appreciate your kindness and understanding as wait times have increased, both in person and on the phone. We want to provide your pets with the best care possible while maintaining safety for our clients and our staff.

    (4) : One positive change during the pandemic has been the huge increase in pet adoptions, and (your name) has been fortunate to welcome many new patients. Because our practice is busier than ever, please consider scheduling your appointments well in advance. Whether you have a new furry friend or loyal companion for many years, we look forward to serving your pets’ health care needs!

    (5) : Get peace of mind knowing your pet will always get the care they need when they need it with a CareClub personalized care plan. Your made-for-real-life plan is built for your pet, including unlimited exams, recommended vaccines and age-appropriate diagnostics, plus add on services like spay/neuter and dental cleaning—all for one convenient monthly fee. Ask us how to join today!

    (6) Does your dog need a flu shot? Canine influenza is a highly contagious respiratory infection that spreads to other dogs from licking, coughing or sneezing, or from contaminated surfaces. Though it’s usually mild, severe cases can lead to pneumonia. If your dog has any contact with other dogs in the neighborhood, at the dog park, doggy day care or a kennel, ask (doctors’ names) if they recommend the canine influenza vaccine.

    (7) : A lethal dose of antifreeze can be ingested by an animal just from licking a few drops off your driveway after it has dripped from your car's radiator. It takes less than three ounces to cause fatal damage to the liver, kidneys and brain of a medium sized dog. Common symptoms of antifreeze poisoning include lethargy, staggering and vomiting, so if you notice any of these signs, or think your pet has consumed antifreeze, please seek immediate veterinary care!

    (8) : Home delivery is a convenient way to have your pet’s prescriptions, food and even treats delivered right to your door. Visit shop my vca dot com or download the free myVCA app to browse our large selection of veterinarian-approved products. Place your order today!

    (9) : Whether we’re grilling and watching fireworks or carving a turkey and watching a parade, food is always a big part of the holidays. But don’t be tempted to treat your pets to the leftovers. Fried or fatty foods like ham, turkey and gravy can lead to pancreatitis in both dogs and cats. Bones can cause choking, broken teeth and blockages in the stomach or small intestine. Alcoholic beverages, onions, raisins, avocados, chocolate and food containing Xylitol sweetener are dangerous to pets. To help your celebrations stay happy and healthy, keep leftovers away from your four-legged friends!

    (10) : If you have the myVCA app, you may not need to be on hold right now! Whether you want to book an appointment, refill your pet’s prescriptions or ask a licensed veterinary professional a question, get on-demand access to your pet’s care with the myVCA app. Download it today!

    (11) : It's true that pets age faster than humans. Medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and obesity become more common as pets get older and are easier to manage when detected early. Since your pets can’t tell you when they don’t feel well, regular veterinary visits are the perfect time to talk with (doctors’ names) about any unusual behaviors you’ve noticed, such as reduced appetite, excessive thirst, a chronic cough or difficulty getting up. Ask our staff to schedule your pet’s next appointment during this call today.

    (12) : You probably brushed your teeth today because you know how important dental health is. Clean teeth and healthy gums are essential to your pet’s health too! Symptoms of oral health problems include unusually bad breath, a yellow or brown crust on the tooth surface, bleeding gums, a change in chewing habits or excessive drooling. If you notice any of these conditions, make an appointment with (your name) and let us help get your pet on the path to a healthy mouth.

    (13) : Going out of town this fall or winter? When you choose (your name) as your pet’s home away from home, you’ll know your furry family member is receiving veterinary-supervised care from a staff that takes pride in treating our boarding guests like we want our own pets to be treated. Make your pet’s boarding reservations while you’re on the line today.

    (14) : Did you think dogs only see in black and white? While humans do see more colors and vivid shades, a dog’s world is not entirely plain. To dogs, red appears brownish-gray or black. Yellow, orange and green all look yellowish, and blue and purple look just how we see them. When playing fetch, dogs can’t tell the difference between a red or yellow ball, but with their great sense of smell, they can identify their own ball and usually avoid mix-ups at the park.

    (15) : Thank you for calling (your name). (Doctors’ names) and our staff are here to serve your pets’ health needs (days and hours). We appreciate your patience as we are currently experiencing longer wait times. If your call is not urgent, remember that you also can send texts and photos to our main phone number. Response times vary, but we do our best to reply quickly during regular office hours. (If you selected this message, FILL IN YOUR HOSPITAL HOURS BELOW).

    : If you have a current message that gives callers your hospital hours & location, and you want to keep that message on your new program, you'll need to select that message number in the section directly below. If you don't know the current message number, just make a note to us in the box at the bottomof this form. If you would like to review your current script but you do not have a copy saved, please email and she will send it to you.


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