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    (1): Thank you for choosing (your name), where world-class medicine meets hometown care. Our network of more than one thousand hometown VCA Hospitals enables us to provide the highest quality veterinary care by combining our shared expertise with cutting-edge technology, procedures and best practices. Our doctors (names optional) and staff are here to serve your pets’ health needs (days and hours). Let us know how we can assist you today!
    Please list your hospital hours here:

    (2): Your pet is unique. Their care should be too. With savings of up to 25-percent, CareClub Membership offers personalized health care designed for your pet’s needs, from access to expert care and unlimited exams to recommended vaccines, diagnostic testing, and more. CareClub is here for you and your pet… ask us about joining today!

    (3): Just because dogs and cats don’t brush their teeth doesn’t mean dental care isn’t important! Most pets over age three have some level of dental disease, leading to pain and irritation, loss of teeth, infections and even issues with the kidneys, liver and heart. If your pet has bad breath, discolored teeth, or is having difficulty eating, schedule an appointment with (your name) for a thorough dental cleaning to remove tartar and disease-causing plaque.

    (4): A nationwide shortage of veterinarians and vet techs has resulted in longer wait times at animal clinics across the country. Although we understand this can be frustrating, we truly appreciate your patience and kindness with our staff as they do their best to serve you. All of us at (your name) care about every pet that comes through our doors, and our commitment to providing the highest quality care has not changed.

    (5): Although your pets are covered in fur from head to tail, don’t assume it’s enough to protect them from frigid temperatures. If it’s too cold for you to be outdoors for very long, it’s likely too cold for your dog or cat too. For pets that must stay outside, be sure to provide them with a dry, warm shelter with protection from the wind and a supply of fresh, unfrozen water.

    (6) Going out of town this fall or winter? Whether for a weekend getaway or an extended trip, you can be sure your pet will be safe and comfortable under the supervision of (our doctors/names optional) and the personal care of our friendly staff. At your request, we also can arrange an examination or medical procedure while your pet boards with us. Our reservations fill up quickly for weekends and holidays, so be sure to schedule early!

    (7): People aren’t the only ones who suffer from arthritis pain. Arthritis is common in middle age and senior pets as well as dogs and cats that are overweight. If your pet is having trouble getting up, lying down, navigating stairs, or is snapping or crying when being picked up, a visit to the veterinarian is in order. While there’s no cure for arthritis, (our doctors/names optional) can prescribe medications and treatments to help your pet lead a more active and comfortable life.

    (8): Wouldn’t it be great to have refills of your pet’s prescriptions, parasite preventives, and food delivered BEFORE you run out? Visit Shop My VCA dot com to subscribe today so you can enjoy the convenience of home delivery with no long-term commitment and free shipping.

    (9): Does your dog need a flu shot? Canine influenza is a highly contagious respiratory virus that spreads through contact with infected dogs. The virus can remain on surfaces including leashes, collars, food and water dishes, crates, and even on the clothing and skin of people who handle sick dogs. The best way to prevent your dog from getting the flu is to avoid socializing with other dogs, keep surfaces clean and, most importantly, get a canine influenza vaccine. Ask the staff at (your name) for more information.

    (10): Thank you for calling (your name). Our lobby is open during regular business hours, but we are still scheduling curbside appointments for clients who prefer this service. Ask our staff for all the details.

    (11): Even though cats are incredibly independent, they still need regular medical care. Cats tend to keep their problems to themselves, so you may think your feline friends are perfectly healthy when they’re actually quite ill. We recommend yearly exams for younger cats and twice-yearly exams for senior cats. Ask our staff to schedule an appointment for your cat today.

    (12): The MyVCA app is easy and convenient! It allows you to quickly book your pets’ appointments, refill their prescriptions, arrange for grooming or boarding needs, track your pet’s vaccine status and more – all from your mobile device. Plus, you can stay connected with free 24/7 Live Chat where our licensed veterinary professionals are ready to answer your questions. Go to MyVCA dot app and download the app today!

    (13): Laser therapy is an innovative procedure that enables (our doctors/names optional) to treat acute and chronic injuries by stimulating cell regeneration and increasing blood flow. The laser accelerates the healing process after surgery, eases joint pain, and treats certain diseases. The signs of success are usually apparent after just three to five treatments and it’s completely non-invasive. Ask the staff at (your name) if your pet could benefit from laser therapy.

    (14): Are you calling today about a non-urgent matter? Feel free to text us at (text number) and we will do our best to reply during regular business hours.
    To include a specific phone number for texts, note it here:

    (15): Not only does regular grooming make your pet look and smell great… it promotes good health too! Grooming helps prevent hair matting, removes excess dander, and reduces shedding. Our professional groomers also get a good look at your pet’s overall skin and coat which can help them find lumps, rashes, parasites and other conditions on or beneath the skin that can aid in early diagnosis and treatment. Ask about scheduling your pet’s grooming appointment today!
    Optional - Add groomer's name:

    (16): Do you and your dog enjoy brisk walks when it’s cold outside? If your route takes you where road and sidewalk salt have been applied, try to avoid it whenever possible. Salt and other ice-melt products can irritate paws and, if licked off of the feet or fur, can cause gastrointestinal upset and irritate the mouth. We want you to enjoy your cold weather walks but be sure to wipe down or wash your pet’s feet, legs and belly upon returning home.

    (17): Thanks to loyal clients like you, our practice is busier than ever, and appointment times fill up fast. Please consider scheduling your pet’s next visit well in advance. All of us at (your name) appreciate your patience and understanding!

    (18): Did you know that the fur of polar bears isn’t really white? Although they look white to us, the skin of a polar bear is actually black, and their fur is translucent. Polar bears appear white thanks to an optical illusion that occurs when light hits their fur.


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