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    (1): Your pets are unique. Their veterinary care should be too! VCA CareClub offers personalized health care for your pet’s unique needs, from unlimited exams, vaccines and lab work to extra options like dental care and spay or neuter. You also can Live Chat with a licensed veterinary professional, anytime of the day or night, for expert heath care guidance. Talk with the staff at (your name) and let us find the perfect CareClub plan for your pet!

    (2): Mosquitoes are pesky to us, but they can spread heartworms to unprotected dogs. These parasites invade your dog’s heart, leading to a potentially fatal disease that can cause heart failure. Since mosquitoes are found in all 50 states, the best treatment for heartworm disease is prevention! (Doctors’ names) strongly recommend that ALL dogs be on heartworm medication year-round since seasonal coverage can be risky. Ask us for more information.

    (3): There's no need to drag huge bags of pet food from the store or drive all over town for your pet’s medication and supplies. With VCA Home Delivery, you can have your pet's prescriptions, food and more delivered directly to your door. Ask us how to get started today…it’s quick, easy and very convenient!

    (4): Itching, scratching, and hot spots are all signs of allergies and skin conditions in pets that often worsen in the spring and summer months. When left untreated, some conditions can become more serious health concerns. Fortunately, (doctors’ names) can diagnose and offer treatment to provide relief for pets with skin-related problems including parasites, allergies, rashes, infections, hair loss, and more. Ask us for details.

    (5): (Your name) is an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association, which means we are regularly evaluated on the highest standards of veterinary medicine, from patient care and pain management to team training and recordkeeping. As an AAHA Accredited practice, you can be sure that our doctors and staff go the extra mile to serve you and your pets!

    (6) Most of us don’t enjoy sweating on a hot day, but it’s easier for us to cool down than our pets. Our bodies are covered in sweat glands, which cool by moving moisture to the skin’s surface where it evaporates. Cats have very few sweat glands, located primarily on their paws. Dogs also have sweat glands on their paws, but mostly regulate their body temperature by panting. To help your pets stay cool, make sure they have access to plenty of fresh water and shade, and keep them indoors when it's extremely hot. And never leave your animals in a parked vehicle!

    (7): Dental cleanings aren’t just for people! Eighty percent of dogs and cats show signs of dental disease by age three, which can cause pain, infection, loss of teeth and many other health problems. The best way to prevent dental disease and keep your pet’s mouth healthy is to schedule a yearly dental check-up at (your name). Using safe anesthesia, we’ll thoroughly clean your pet’s teeth and gums to remove unhealthy tartar and plaque. Ask us for details.

    (8A): Managing your pet’s health from your mobile device has never been easier! With the myVCA app, you’ll have all your pet’s health information in the palm of your hand! You can view your pet’s records, request appointments or refills, get reminders, and much more. Be sure to download the myVCA app today!

    (8B): Have a question that can’t wait until morning? With unlimited Live Chat though the myVCA app, you can get expert advice anytime, anywhere. Best of all, it’s free for VCA clients! Download it today at myVCA dot app.

    (9): At (your name), we know that visiting our office can be scary for your pets. That’s why our doctors and staff have been trained to use fear-free care techniques to help make our patients’ experience as stress-free as possible. Thanks to our fear-free approach, we’re able to offer a more positive, calmer and safer experience for our patients, our clients and our staff. Schedule an appointment today and let us provide your pet with fear free care!

    (10): Are you and your pets visiting us for the first time? Brand new clients can get a 20-dollar discount on an initial health exam for up to two dogs or cats per household. Visit VCA Hospitals dot com to download your coupon and schedule an appointment. We can't wait to meet you and your pet!

    (11): Spring break, summer vacation, fall getaway or holiday travels…whenever you go away, (your name) offers pet boarding you can trust! When your pets are staying with us, we’ll make sure they’re safe and comfortable, with an animal-loving staff to help them feel at home and access to our doctors (optional: add drs’ names) for any medical needs. Ask our staff about making your pet’s boarding reservation.

    (12): While young and healthy pets may only need to visit (your name) once a year, older pets may need more frequent health check-ups. Aging pets are at risk for many of the same chronic diseases that affect older people, including cancer, diabetes and arthritis. Because many problems can be successfully treated if detected early, we recommend seeing senior pets at least twice a year. Ask about scheduling a wellness exam for your senior pet today.

    (13): Our services don't end at our hospital doors. As part of the VCA family, (doctors’ names) can tap into the collected knowledge of thousands of VCA veterinarians. And, if they need help with a difficult case, they can consult our network of more than 600 veterinary specialists who provide state-of-the-art care in orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, internal medicine, cardiology, oncology and more. Thank you for choosing (your name), where world class medicine meets hometown care!

    (14): Most of us would be happy to never see a flea or tick, but warm weather brings out these pesky parasites. And if you see one flea on your pet, there probably are dozens you don’t see on your pet, on your furniture and in your carpet. Fortunately, we offer fast-acting flea control solutions that are safe, effective and long-lasting. Ask us for details…and keep fleas from bugging your pet and infesting your home!

    (15): Deciding when your pet needs end-of-life care is a very difficult and personal decision. At (your name), our doctors and staff conduct these services with the utmost respect and compassion. If you are concerned that your elderly or ill pet is suffering, please contact us and learn how we can help.

    (16): Did you know a cat’s tail may indicate their mood? When dogs wag their tails, they’re often expressing happiness or excitement, but when cats wag their tails, it may be a warning that you’re getting on their last nerve. However, when cats drape their tail over you, it’s usually means they’re content and open to receiving human contact.


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