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To submit your selections for your new VCA on hold message program, fill in the boxes below, or click here to view the messages in word format (email the completed form to If you need help submitting this form, we’ve listed step by step instructions here, or you can email or call us for help.

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    (1) : Thank you for calling (your name). (Doctors’ names) and our staff are here to serve your pets’ health needs (days and hours). A helpful member of our team will return to your call as soon as possible.
    Please list your hospital hours here:

    (2) : VCA CareClub offers personalized pet health care for your pet! Membership gives you access to expert care and exclusive benefits including unlimited exams so you can schedule a visit with (your name) whenever you’re concerned about your pet’s health, along with doctor-recommended vaccines, lab work and add-ons like dental care, spaying or neutering and more. Keeping your pet healthy and happy has never been easier! Ask us about VCA CareClub today.

    (3) : Over the last few years, we’ve all experienced changes to our daily lives and many businesses have been forced to change the way they operate. Like most veterinary hospitals, we’ve enhanced our safety measures which may contribute to longer wait times, both on the phone and in person. (Doctors’ names) and our staff truly appreciate your kindness and patience as we work to provide the excellent veterinary care you’ve come to expect for your furry family member.

    (4) : Parasites, such as fleas and mosquitoes, can put your pet’s health at risk anytime they go outside. At (your name), we can help you protect your pet with easy, once-monthly medication that kills fleas, prevents heartworm disease and controls hookworm, roundworm and whipworm infections. And, since it’s given orally, the flavor makes it seem like a treat. Ask a member of our team about the best parasite preventive for your pet.

    (5) : Our practice is busier than ever, and the team at (your name) appreciates your patience and understanding. Our appointment times fill up fast, so please consider scheduling your pet’s next visit well in advance.

    (6) We know it’s hard to leave your pets behind when you travel. (Your name) offers safe, worry-free boarding for your furry family members with comfortable amenities and a compassionate staff to help them feel at home. The easy access to veterinary care provides extra peace of mind too. Planning a trip this spring or summer? Ask about making your pet’s boarding reservations today!

    (7) : Thank you for calling (your name). We are frequently adapting our safety protocols to provide your pets with the best care possible. Our staff will be happy to explain our current procedures when we return to your call. To help avoid overcrowding, we kindly ask that you limit the number of people who accompany your pet into our building. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

    (8) : Doggy breath is no joke! Bad breath can mean that your pet has dirty teeth or even dental disease, which can lead to loose teeth, reddened gums, and more serious health problems. Schedule an appointment for (doctors’ names) to examine your pet’s teeth and gums to help determine if there are dental issues you should know about. At (your name), we’re committed to making sure your pets are healthy, happy and doggy breath-free!

    (9) : (Your name) continues to offer curbside check-in for clients who prefer this type of visit. Call us when you arrive, and a staff member will come to your vehicle to assist you and escort your pets inside our building for their appointment. Food and prescription pick-ups will continue to be available with curbside check-in as well.

    (10) : Spring and summer are great times to enjoy the sunny outdoors, but warmer weather can pose risk to your pet. Hot pavement can cause burns on your dog’s paws, so if the ground’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet too. Always make sure your pet has access to shade and fresh drinking water. And never leave your pet in a parked car as the temperature can soar to over 100 degrees in minutes, even with the windows open. If you think your pet is suffering from a heat-related problem, contact us immediately!

    (11) : Thank you for trusting your pet’s health care needs to (your name). We are currently experiencing longer wait times than usual. If your call is not urgent, feel free to send us a text and we’ll do our best to reply during regular business hours. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
    To include a specific phone number for texts, note it here:

    (12) : Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling when you think your pet is lost? Tags and collars can fall off or be removed, but a microchip injected under the skin is permanent. Ask the staff at (your name) about microchipping when we return to your call. It’s worth the peace of mind!

    (13) : Need quick access to your pet’s health information? With the myVCA app, you can book your pet’s appointment, keep track of your pet’s medication schedule and quickly order refills. You’ll also have access to unlimited 24/7 Live Chat, where our licensed veterinary professionals are ready to answer your questions or concerns anytime, day or night. Download the free myVCA app today and take veterinary care wherever you go!

    (14) : The best veterinarians need the best equipment to keep your pets as healthy as possible. One example is our digital x-ray which enables (doctors’ names) to quickly evaluate a pet’s root problem and develop a treatment plan. Digital x-rays are safer and more accurate than traditional x-rays without exposing the animal to as much radiation. By utilizing the latest, high-tech equipment, the team at (your name) is better able to offer top notch veterinary care to your pet.

    (15) : VCA’s Home Delivery service makes ordering your pet’s medications, prescription refills, food and treats as convenient as possible. Just visit Shop My VCA dot com and have your order shipped right to your doorstep. It’s easy and convenient!

    (16) : Did you know your pet’s coat provides protection from sunburn? If you shave your pets in an effort to keep them cool, they could lose this layer of protection. Instead, brush your pets frequently to remove excess hair which helps air circulation on the outer layer of skin. For help with bathing or grooming your pet, be sure to schedule an appointment with (your name).

    (17) : Pet obesity is widespread in the United States, affecting one in four dogs and one in three cats. Overweight pets often experience more physical ailments and a shorter life span than average weight pets. Whether your best friend is a tiny kitten or a fully grown St. Bernard, talk with (doctors’ names) about the proper diet to help keep your pet in the best health possible for as long as possible.

    (18) : Have you noticed that a cat’s’ eyes seem to glow at night? Although it may look spooky, it's a strange phenomenon caused by light reflecting off a layer of highly reflective cells that enable cats to detect changes in light and motion -- handy skills that aid them in hunting in the dark.

    : If you have a current message that gives callers your hospital hours & location, and you want to keep that message on your new program, you'll need to select that message number in the section directly below. If you don't know the current message number, just make a note to us in the box at the bottomof this form. If you would like to review your current script but you do not have a copy saved, please email and she will send it to you.


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