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To submit your selections for your new VCA on hold message program, fill in the boxes below, or click here to view the messages in word format (email the completed form to, or call your account executive to order yours by phone. If you need help submitting this form, we’ve listed step by step instructions here, or you can email or call us for help.

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    (1) : Veterinary care is essential to our community and we want to assure you that (your name) is open to provide necessary services amid COVID-19. Because safety is a top priority, we have enacted protocols based on health care best practices and state and local regulations. You may visit our hospital unless you are sick or medically quarantined, and anyone entering our hospital must wear a face covering. You can learn more about our safety protocols by visiting VCA Safe Visit dot com. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    (2) : Just because it's cooler in the fall and winter doesn't mean you should skip your pet's heartworm preventive. Mosquitoes can be present year-round in some areas which increases your pet's risk of mosquito-transmitted heartworm disease. This potentially fatal disease is easily prevented with a monthly flavor tab or a convenient 12-month injectable. Ask the staff at (your name) for more information.

    (3) : You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to get your pet’s medications, prescription refills, food and treats. A wide variety of items can be shipped right to your door step when you order through the myVCA Online Store or the myVCA app! Take advantage of this easy and convenient service by downloading the myVCA app or visit Shop My VCA dot com.

    (4) : Dogs and cats can’t brush their teeth, so caring for your pet’s teeth and gums is one of the best ways you can help prevent many diseases. Research indicates that proper dental care can extend a pet's life by as much as five years! At (your name), our dental x-ray provides (doctors’ names) with detailed information about the health of your pet’s teeth and gums and guides treatment. Schedule a professional dental cleaning and let us brighten your pet’s smile!

    (5) : Curbside check-in is available at (your name)! This convenient service allows us to provide your pet with the same excellent care you expect while keeping you and our hospital team members as safe as possible. Ask us for more information or visit VCA Safe Visit dot com for more details.

    (6) : Regular veterinary visits are key to your pet’s good health and VCA CareClub makes it easy, convenient and affordable! Members get unlimited visits to care for their pet’s skin, coat, weight or other health concerns along with 24/7 access to live chat with a veterinarian. You also can earn VCA CareClub reward points for the products you purchase for your pet. (Your name) has a plan for cats and dogs at every stage of their life. Ask us how to join today!

    (7) : Need someone to watch your pet when you’re away from home? When you leave your furry family member with (your name), we remove the stress and worry over pet care by providing a comfortable, veterinarian-supervised boarding experience. Our guests enjoy separate canine and feline areas, exercise time and much more. Ask our staff to schedule your pet’s boarding reservation today!

    (8) : It's a common belief that dogs and cats are resistant to cold weather because of their fur, but their cold tolerance is dependent on their coat, body fat, activity level and health. While some breeds handle cold better, most pets should not stay outside long in freezing temperatures. If possible, keep your pets inside and provide a warm, non-drafty, place to sleep. If your pets must be outside for prolonged periods of time, make sure they have access to plenty of fresh water and a warm, dry shelter that’s protected from the wind.

    (9) : Thank you for calling (your name), conveniently located at (your location). (Doctors’ names) and our staff are here to serve your pets’ health needs from (days and hours). Because we are placing a strong emphasis on safety during COVID-19, we require anyone entering our hospital to wear a face covering. We appreciate your patience as we are currently experiencing longer wait times. Our staff will be with you as soon as possible.

    (10) : Though there are approximately four cats for every three dogs in the United States, most cats get taken to the vet half as often as dogs. Because cats are so self–sufficient, they may not show obvious signs of illness, but we often see serious problems that simple treatment could have prevented. For some, it can be difficult to bring your cat in, but it’s worth the effort to help your cat to live the longest, healthiest life possible. Ask our staff to schedule an appointment today.

    (11) : Technology makes managing health easier than ever and that includes your pet! The myVCA Patient Portal makes it easy to book appointments, get reminders and access your pet’s key health information. You also can shop for food, medications and treatments and have your order delivered to your doorstep. Sign up today at VCA Hospitals dot com slash my VCA and get individualized, expert pet care whenever and wherever you need it!

    (12) : Unfortunately, fleas and ticks can be pesky year-round in (your area)! Just like people, fleas and ticks enjoy milder weather so they often thrive during the fall and spring months. At (your name), we can help you keep fleas and ticks from bugging your pet with fast-acting, long lasting products that work with just one application a month. Ask us for more information.

    (13) : At (your name), we are committed to keeping our clients and staff safe during COVID-19 with new admittance and check-out processes, so we appreciate your understanding as wait times have increased. If your call is not an emergency, you can send and receive texts and photos with us during operating hours. Response times vary but we do our best to respond quickly. Thank you for your patience!

    (14) : Increased stiffness and difficulty navigating stairs are signs of arthritis pain in pets, and the cold, damp weather of fall and winter can make it worse. (Doctors’ names) can help manage your pet’s arthritis with pain medications and supplements, prescription diets designed to help manage arthritic joints, and exercise programs to promote increased mobility and weight loss. Your pet deserves a pain-free and active life, so ask our staff to schedule an appointment today.

    (15) : If it seems like you and your cat are never on the same schedule, it’s for good reason. Cats sleep twice as much as we do, but their activity patterns don’t always align with ours. While humans are diurnal, or active during the daytime, cats are crepuscular, which is a fancy way of saying they’re raring to go at both dawn and dusk.

    : Your new program can include no more than 10 messages total. This means . If you have a current message with your hours & location, and you want to keep that message on your new program, you’ll need to check #1 in the section directly below. If you would like to review your current messages but you do not have a copy saved, please email and she will send it to you.


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    - Please fill in the box below with any changes that need to be made to your account or to your script, such as revisions to the sample messages or your current messages, new contact person, new hours, new mailing address, etc. Feel free to also include any special instructions for your new on hold program.

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