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AyerPlay On Hold for VCA Animal Hospitals

Step by step instructions:

1.FILL IN THE BOXES with your hospital name, your name, and your email address.

2. DOCTORS–Fill in doctors’ last names if you want them mentioned in your script. If your doctors are already listed on your current program and there are no changes, type “same”. If you don’t want doctors’ names listed, type “none”. If you have several doctors, we suggest not listing the names (instead, we’ll say “our doctors”). For names that are difficult to pronounce, please include a phonetic spelling if we don’t already have it on your current script.

3. VOICE & MUSIC–Select the voice and music you want or type “same” if you want the same (or similar) as what you have currently. If you are unable to hear the demos, you may need to try a different browser, or you can use your smartphone (

4. NEW SAMPLE MESSAGES – Select the numbers of the new sample options you’d like to add to your program. These messages can be revised in any way– just let us know (at the bottom of this form) any portions of a message you’d like us to remove or add. We can fit up to 10 total messages on your program including any current messages you want to keep. For example, if you want to keep three of your current messages, you can only select seven of the new sample messages.

5. YOUR CURRENT MESSAGES–Select the numbers of the messages you want to continue using from your current script (what your callers are hearing on hold right now). If you don’t have a copy of your current script saved, email to have a copy sent to you. If you have a current message that mentions your hours and location, be sure to select #1 in the section for current messages to keep. This message is not automatically added to your script each time.

6. CHANGES – If you want to make changes to ANY of the messages, just note your changes in the large box at the very bottom of the form.

7. SUBMIT – Click the SUBMIT button. If you’ve filled in all the boxes, you’ll get a confirmation via email that your form has been successfully submitted. If you left one of the fields blank, you’ll get an error message. Check to make sure all boxes are filled in, then re-submit. If all boxes are completed and you still get an error, it could be a wifi issue so please try again later, or copy and paste your selections and email to

8. APPROVE – Once your changes are submitted, you’ll receive an immediate email confirmation. Within 1-3 days, our copywriter will email you a proof copy for your approval. After you give us final approval on the new script, we’ll begin production and send the final recording to you within 10-14 business days. If you haven’t received a proof copy from us within a week of submitting your new selections, please email Kami at There is a small fee if you need to make changes to your script after it has already been recorded.


If you have any questions or problems with this form, please email

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