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Tulsa, OK book publisher

Book Publishing

Some things never go out of style. An old-fashioned book is one of them.

A book can stand the test of time longer than a text, a tweet or anything found online. If you have special memories you want to hold onto, AyerPlay can create a book designed to do just that.

Whether it’s a corporate legacy, special commemoration or even a look back at your own life, AyerPlay can publish a book that will permanently preserve whatever you wish.

  • Research – including conducting live interviews
  • Writing and Editing
  • Layout and Original Design
  • Photos – conversion of photos from older media formats to digital. Scanning, enhancing and rebuilding images which are in poor condition.


“The book is WONDERFUL! I love all the photographs and the way they are worked into the story line. You are a joy to work with.”


AyerPlay Book Publishing – Your Story. Your way!

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