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    AYERPLAYER Digital Player, $359: Using the latest technology, you receive your AyerPlay on hold program via e-mail as an MP3 file. Just drag and drop the file from your computer into the AyerPlayer's USB flash drive for instant audio playback. This player is covered by a five year manufacturer's warranty.


    Credit Card (AyerPlay account executive will call you for card number)

    SHIPPING/HANDLING: A shipping/handling fee will be added to each order, based on the package and equipment ordered, minimum $9 for program only and $19 for program and player. Contact your account executive for exact fee.

    Minor changes to the on hold program within one year may qualify for discounted production fees- contact your account executive for a quote. AyerPlay on hold programs may be played indefinitely for NO MONTHLY OR YEARLY FEES; however, changes made beyond one year from the original production date will be billed as a new program. Any programs not used within two years from the order date will expire with no recourse.


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